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How successful is your Supply Chain?

Key factors for a successful supply chain – Product Assortment Visibility to Customer Wants and Needs Ability to successfully modify customer demand Inventory Management Supplier Relationship Management Product Assortment defines the success of a...


Inventory Counting with Drones at Walmart

Inventory Management has been a pain point for many companies – retailers, manufacturers and service companies alike. Companies have been fighting high inventories with various initiatives – from simple automated min-max systems to advanced...


Are you still using Excel for Forecasting and Planning?

Some of the big names who have used our services and expertise include Honeywell, Pepsi Foods, Brown-Forman, Labatt, Yaskawa, Coleman, McCain Foods, Lindt and many other small and medium size companies.

We can be reached at You can also contact our Business Development Manager at . We would be glad to have an initial call for a short diagnostic of the current processes and pain points.


Questions on Advanced Demand Management Training Workshop

We have received several queries about our next Advanced Demand Management workshop. Below are some of the FAQs. What is “Advanced” about this workshop? The workshop content offer sessions on demand sensing, demand consensus,...