Join us in Chicago for our Demand Planning & Sales Forecasting workshop on Oct 11-12, 2017.
What to measure for forecast accuracy – SKU/DC, SKU/National, SKU/Plant?

Although most demand planners and COE professionals understand the mechanics of these measures, there is some confusion on what to measure and why.
Measurement depends on what you are trying to drive – what you are using the forecast for? So level of aggregations matter as well. We explain some examples on what circumstances drive which measures.

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Plan your 2017 and adopt 17 resolutions to improve your demand visibility!
17 Resolutions for a Demand Planner in 2017

Following are 17 suggested resolutions for your demand planning in 2017! 1. Trust the Stat Forecast . Although there are caveats, if tuned correctly, Stat can do wonders. 2. Spend time on Data Analytics. Even though the big data was unable to predict the presidential elections, a right direction for digging into the data mess […]

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Attend the Chennai workshop in February to improve your SCM
Demand Planning and Sales Forecasting Workshop Feb 2017, Chennai, India

Demand Planning LLC is proud to bring our hugely popular two day workshop on Demand Planning and Sales Forecasting Tutorial to Chennai, India. The focus will be on demand modeling using statistical techniques, the methodology to perform model diagnostics, forecast accuracy measurement and the process to incorporate market intelligence. Demand Planning is a skill set […]

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Role of Sales Planning in Supply Chain Transformation

Developing a process and system to do event modeling for promotional programs is the holy grail that will spark of the interest of the Sales groups in fully integrating with the S&OP process. In summary, Sales Planning functions are critical for better Sales Management as well as for an effective S&OP process.

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Flexible Supply Chains – and broken links

“The measure of a person’s strength is not his muscular power or strength, but it is his flexibility and adaptability.” Same holds true for businesses and supply chains. Hanjin Shipping Co. filing for bankruptcy last month is a big news for logistics world. Hanjin Shipping the seventh largest shipping firm in world, and largest shipping […]

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How successful is your Supply Chain?

Key factors for a successful supply chain – Product Assortment Visibility to Customer Wants and Needs Ability to successfully modify customer demand Inventory Management Supplier Relationship Management Product Assortment defines the success of a company.  To better manage product assortment, we need to identify and segment the product offerings based on various parameters like gross […]

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From Bricks to Clicks

There is a huge competition amongst e-tailers and retailers to win customers by providing good customer service and quick delivery.  Furthermore, all of this at a low cost. With the changing customer habits, supply chain landscape is also changing. Most of the customers are switching to online shopping – even in the developing countries consumers […]

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Inventory Counting with Drones at Walmart

  Inventory Management has been a pain point for many companies – retailers, manufacturers and service companies alike. Companies have been fighting high inventories with various initiatives – from simple automated min-max systems to advanced inventory optimization systems and through the algorithmic approach of inventory targeting, inventory positioning and network optimization. However, companies overlook the […]

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Target Supply Chain Initiatives – Managing Suppliers

Introduction: In the past few years Target has expanded its business into selling fresh produce, meat and other perishable food items. With being ‘out of stock’ being the main pain point Target has realized that to improve its supply chain they need to put efforts in streamlining their suppliers and vendors. In the latest series […]

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