About Us

The Forecasting Blog is edited by Dr. Mark Chockalingam, President and Founder of Demand Planning LLC.

Demand Planning LLC, based in Boston MA, is a consulting boutique comprised of seasoned experts with real-world supply chain experience and subject-matter expertise in demand forecasting, S&OP, Customer planning, and supply chain strategy.

We provide process and strategy consulting services to customers across a variety of industries – pharmaceuticals, CPG, High-Tech, Foods and Beverage, Quick Service Restaurants, Utiliites.

Through our knowledge portal DemandPlanning.Net, we offer a full menu of training programs through in-person and online courses in Demand Forecast Modeling, S&OP, Industry Forecasting, collaborative Forecasting using POS data.

DemandPlanning.Net also offers a variety of informational articles and downloadable calculation templates, and a unique Demand Planning discussion forum.

Our practice features many experienced consultants in Business Forecasting, supply chain management, and business analytics.

Our Consultants have worked across several industry verticals including automotive, technology, foodservice, consumer goods, financial services, publishing, healthcare, banking, pharmaceuticals, marine products, and other industry sectors.

Our consulting expertise includes Sales Forecasting, Business Forecasting & Planning, Strategic Forecasting, Budgeting and Integrated Business Planning, Inventory Optimization and Supply Chain Optimization.

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