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Questions on Advanced Demand Management Training Workshop

  We have received several queries about our next Advanced Demand Management workshop. Below are some of the FAQs: What is “Advanced” about this workshop? The workshop content offer sessions on demand sensing, demand consensus, data analytics, statistical modeling and promotional planning. With technology at our finger tips it very important to stay close to […]

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Sailing through the SAP APO Ocean

As we all know SAP is an Ocean where the chance of getting lost is quite high. Below are key takeaways from my experience while working on SAP Demand Planning projects. While reading this article you may find uncanny resemblances to movie titles and dialogues.  The pun has been intended. Silence of the stats Almost […]

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Help my MAPE is negative!

I have heard frequently calls for help saying MAPE is high or other complaints saying MAPE is unreliable. Recently we encountered two situations where the calculated MAPE and even the WMAPE were negative. When your MAPE is negative, it says you have larger problems than just the MAPE calculation itself. Let us examine this a […]

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the Black Swans
Where are the Black Swans?

How do we prepare for Black Swan events?

Black Swan events are those highly unpredictable events that occur out of nowhere and cause a systemic shock to the process and the way we do things. They may perennially alter the way we conduct our business.

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Bull-whipping or driving the Demand?

  Bullwhip effect is a phenomenon of demand being overestimated or underestimated as it passes through various stages of supply chain resulting in exaggerated supply fluctuations. The increased variability in demand at successive stages of supply chain trigger increases in inventory carried in different stocking points in the supply chain. Myth: The Forecast is the […]

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Useful training on Demand Planning – Chicago October 2014

We just completed our two day workshop on Sales and Operations Planning in Boston – Some planners new to the field and some others who are already working on the process and want to take it to the next level – IBP or the Integrated Business Planning. Our next stop is Chicago for our popular […]

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Is S&OP an Event?

Taking stock of your Sales and Operations Planning Process may be a good start. It is important to understand what you get out of it and how it benefits your company in the planning and decision making process.

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Window-dressing and Supply Chain Score-carding…

      When we review Supply Chain Dashboards, there are a variety of colorful metrics. Are they the right metrics – Are they calculated right to show true performance? Every Senior manager should look at four key metrics: a. Demand Fulfilment b. Inventory Level c. Demand Visibility d. Supply Adherence The first measure is […]

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This post was written by Rohan Asardohkar