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Optimizing the Order to cash process – What is your priority?

When companies take a hard look at their business model and the underlying process, what is the key objective that is motivating them?

1. Return on Investment

2. Increasing Sales

3. Cost Reduction

Although all of the above are good objectives that lead to healthier businesses, companies are also driven by the latest buzz words – the latest consulting mantra, industry trend, and a flashy new technology from a sexy software company.

Optimizing the basic Order to Cash process will yield the cliched low-hanging fruits and result in a more compacted Cash-to-Cash cycle.

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Is there a correlation between Inventories and Forecasting?

Some say yes………. and some say no! There are many things questionable about Statistics and Modeling and of course, the famous or infamous, Normal Distribution.  Those who question the value of forecasting invariably point out that it is gravely inaccurate (and unfortunate) to assume that your demand is normally distributed. Is Normal the tendency to […]

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How to create models for weekly Forecasting in SAP APO – A Primer

In our up-coming hands-on workshop on May 24, we will be adding a brief session on modeling at the weekly level so good intra-month splits can be achieved for the purposes of Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling (PPDS). We will evaluate the usefulness of weekly models to achieve good weekly splits of the monthly forecasts. What is the incremental value add of this process compared to using the APODPDANT proportioning keyfigure to derive the splits.

As we enter the last week of registration, only a few seats are left at rush pricing:

May 24th ‘Modeling & Metrics in SAP APO DP 1-day Workshop’ Boston, MA $995

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Planning Software – Part 1: How important is Integration?

What is integration? Why is it important? How well should my planning tool integrate with the rest of the system landscape?

We discuss the importance of ERP integration as a criterion in choosing a planning software. Most often software vendors that supply the ERP tools such as Oracle and SAP highlight this as one of the major selling points.

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Planning Software – What should it be?

Having worked with many software applications for planning – demand, supply, finance, and S&OP – I have experienced a sense of elation (seeing something work very nicely) and shock (seeing something that work so stupidly on something so obvious). In a series of blog entries starting this week, I am planning to examine the important characteristics of planning software.

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Demand Planning Training Workshops – What is out there? What is different about us?

The workshops offered by Demand Planning Net are unique in the sense we actually offer practical, hands-on workshops. We assign pre-work to every attendee before the come to the workshop. Every one needs to bring a laptop to work through individual and group exercises to create actual demand plans and solve demand analytic challenges.

They submit solved case studies before they get a certificate of completion. This certificate of completion is essential as a pre-requisite before appearing for the certification exams in Demand Planning and Sales Forecasting.

Many professionals who have attended our workshops, have reported back that they were able to use the concepts in their every day activity. Many of our attendees are our loyal fans and have sent their colleagues and peers and successors to the workshops.

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Coming to Oil & Gas Country – Demand Planning and Forecasting – Texas Feb 2013

We will be hosting our first ever public workshop in Texas due to popular request from our Oil & Gas colleagues and planners at Oil Field Services companies.

Demand Planning Net will be bringing our popular two day tutorial workshop on Demand Planning and Sales Forecasting to Dallas, Texas in February 2013. The two day workshop is scheduled for Feb 27-28 in Dallas, TX to be followed by our unique one-day seminar on Modeling and Metrics in SAP APO Demand Planning.

For course content and registrations please visit

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This post was written by Dr. Chockalingam