Optimizing the Order to cash process – What is your priority?

When companies take a hard look at their business model and the underlying process, what is the key objective that is motivating them?

1. Return on Investment

2. Increasing Sales

3. Cost Reduction

Although all of the above are good objectives that lead to healthier businesses, companies are also driven by the latest buzz words – the latest consulting mantra, industry trend, and a flashy new technology from a sexy software company.

Optimizing the basic Order to Cash process will yield the cliched low-hanging fruits and result in a more compacted Cash-to-Cash cycle.

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Coming to Oil & Gas Country – Demand Planning and Forecasting – Texas Feb 2013

We will be hosting our first ever public workshop in Texas due to popular request from our Oil & Gas colleagues and planners at Oil Field Services companies.

Demand Planning Net will be bringing our popular two day tutorial workshop on Demand Planning and Sales Forecasting to Dallas, Texas in February 2013. The two day workshop is scheduled for Feb 27-28 in Dallas, TX to be followed by our unique one-day seminar on Modeling and Metrics in SAP APO Demand Planning.

For course content and registrations please visit http://demandplanning.net/demandplanning_tutorialCA.htm

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Demand Planning = Unlocking Stat Models + Engaging your Sales Force!

Demand Planning Net offers a service called Usability consulting where we improve the usability of your statistical tool by performing model tuning, setting the right tool parameters and finally training the planners in statistical modeling. Demand Planning Net has worked with clients helping them leverage the statistical features in their software applications.

• Most applications inherently have the analytical power to develop effective baseline forecasts.

• Most software tools allow you to create exception thresholds so you can streamline the forecasting process by exception.

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Automatic Outlier detection – Blessing or Curse?

One of the puzzled questions that Demand Planners ask in our training workshops is why their software produces a flat forecast 90% of the time.  An expensive software that took an army and a couple of years to implement typically suggested a constant model or moving average model.  This resulted in a flat forecast. Although […]

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Demand Planning.Net announces the Training workshops for 2012

Demand Planning.Net is pleased to announce the following dates for the Demand Planning and Forecasting workshops in 2012.  If you are preparing your training budgets, you may want to plan for these workshops for your new hires as well as experienced professionals that are new to forecasting or just as a refresher for those who […]

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Demand Metrics for Forecast Diagnostics

We just published a new Demand Metrics Diagnostics Template for all DPNet users. This template is provided as a reference to calculate the health of the modeled forecast for one Product/SKU over time.  There are a variety of metrics provided by both academics and software providers causing a lot of confusion about what each of […]

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